11/22/2018 Email

Hi Everyone!

I had a great time last night and it was a blessing to see everyone.

Here are some things that might interest you.

  1. Our journal– Updated for last night. I mention something here about the question Rick had. Great question Rick! It caused me to think more about it and a light bulb went on for me. We’ll talk about it next Tuesday. There are some verses to read in preparation for that.
  2. Prayer List– password is . If you want things added, removed or changed, email me. When you have a praise associated with a prayer request, let me know and I’ll add it. Sonia, if you have a praise for your testimony given at 3C, could you send it to me please?
  3. Our calendar. The day changes a little from week to week, depending on room availability. Check this calendar for the current schedule.
  4. Tetelestai Project If you want a copy of this video series so you can watch at home, send me an email and ask for it.
  5. Cheetos– Sonia wanted to know if I made up the stats on the cheetos. : -) I wanted to make the population of the earth and the number of hairs that God numbers understandable. To do that, I searched the web for ways of making large numbers easy to visualize. These two sites helped me do that. First site and Second site.
  6. Bible Graphic– The graphic showing the interconnectedness of God’s Word is found here. Other one is found here and
  7. Evangelism– We should be telling others about God’s amazing gift of eternal life. The courses offered here are very good and are free.
  8. Free Bibles– Do you know anyone, including yourself, that would like a Bible? Check this link!
  9. Tract Library– Here’s a list of all my tracts. They will be available at the book table each week. Let me know if want one mailed.
  10. Audio Messages– Personal recommendations for you.
  11. Got Questions? These three sites may help you with questions. If you find inconsistencies between them, bring your questions to class and we will discuss it.

Blessing to each of you and see you soon.


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