Should We Ask The Lord To Delay His Return?

Consider this:

300,000 – 400,000 children go from not being accountable for sin to being accountable for sin every day.

This is referred to as the Age of Accountability.

Children are born with sin, but God will not hold them responsible for it until an age that varies with each child.

The longer the world exists in its current state, the more children become responsible for their sin. I understand this provides more time and opportunity for people to repent and trust Christ for the forgiveness of sin, but how many children become guilty sinners and will be eternally lost?

Lord, hasten thy coming for the sake of the children!

To me, this is the reason I feel there is a day and time set for the rapture and beginning of worldwide tribulation. I don’t think it is possible to change when that event will take place. God has given man a set amount of time on earth and when that expires, He intervenes.

No one know when, but we can know the season.

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