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Our calendar: 2/5/2019 We had six people tonight. We watched and discussed Tetelestai episode 8. Sonia brought her friend Demi for the first time. Rick, Tim, Cheryl and Rodger were also there. 1/15 through 1/29 Although attendance has been down, we are still meeting weekly. We didn’t meet on the 29th due to weather. Rick, Tim, Cheryl and Rodger were at the meeting on the 15th. Sonia, Tim, Cheryl and Rodger attended the meeting on the 22nd. Episode 7 was watched on both evenings and this wonderful testimony was shown on the 15th. There is evidence that the Lord is still using our efforts in Red Cliff and we will continue meeting. We will continue showing Tetelestai when there is interest. On the 28th I gave an invitation to our Bible-study-in-a-casino to everyone at the health center. Pray that the Lord will use that to His glory. We’d love to see you on February 5th. 1/1 and 1/8/2019 Where or where has my little . . .  Not exactly applicable, but cute nonetheless. Pauline plans on being back the week of the 20th. I hope to see most everyone back next week on the 15th. We have yet to show the next Tetelestai video. Come prepared to be introduced to our Substitute. The memory verse remains Isaiah 53:5  “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” 12/26/2018 “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” I wasn’t quite like that, but it was close. Two families attended along with daughter of one couple and her friend. Five were in attendance. We will show the next episode of Tetelestai on January 2. Next week’s memory verse: Isaiah 53:5  “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” 12/18/2018 There were seven adults tonight. We watched Tetelestai Project, episode six, Atonement. The periodic and yearly sacrifice of the innocent animal was an example to us of a coming Savior. The animal was examined because it was innocent, but had to be without spot or blemish. The man was not examined because he was a sinner. The animal was a substitute for the man. We also require a substitute. His name is Jesus. The Israelites that complained were bitten by snakes. God had Moses make a bronze snake and lift it up on a pole. If someone who suffered a snake bite would look in faith upon the snake, he would be healed. It was the only way to avoid death. Similarly, the only way we can avoid death is to repent and have faith in Jesus Christ. I recommend that you watch this Sacrifice & Atonement Bible Project video. Things to remember from “Atonement.” Next week’s memory verse: Isaiah 53:5  “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” Ask me for your pin or another pin and get an extra chocolate! The Sons and Copps are starting a Baptist church in Washburn. You are welcome to come. More details here. 12/11/2018 Ten adults attended tonight’s Bible-study-in-a-casino. I remembered the chocolate and prizes that I forgot last week. Thank you Patty for bringing the Christmas cookies! This episode of Tetelestai made everyone think. How many times have we broken God’s law? The narrator took us through each of the Ten Commandments and explained how each of us cannot presume innocence. If we failed in keeping any part of them, we would guilty of them all. We are hopeless to save ourselves from the Lord’s punishment. Each of us needs a substitute to provide atonement for our sin. Next week’s video will describe two events that illustrate atonement. Not only do they show us what atonement is, but they point toward a future, permanent atonement. Here’s another video that helps us understand sin. For a reminder of this week’s lesson, take my test. Things to remember: If you would like to view any of these videos again, please ask me. You’ll be able to watch from the comfort of your home. Next week’s memory verse: Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. We had a guest stop by after we let out. His name is Richard and we is an insurance rep that visited Red Cliff offices. He’s serving the Lord in Idaho. Keep him in your prayers! Ask me for your pin or another pin and get an extra chocolate! The Sons and Copps are starting a Baptist church in Washburn. You are welcome to come. More details here. 12/4/2018 Thanks to everyone who came! We had another blessed evening being together. We had nine adults tonight. Pauline, Ernie, Linda, Kevin, Steve, Cindy, Cheryl, Tim and Rodger. Cheryl, Cindy and Kevin knew why I brought the fire extinguisher. To my shame I forgot the treats. I will have them Tuesday, Lord willing. Thank  you Kevin for providing the paper with your answer, it was well written and included Jeremiah 20:9. My bad for forgetting the chocolate for memorizing 2 Peter 3:9. “. . . but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” You get double chocolate if you also memorize Ephesians 1:7 for Tuesday. “In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;” It was Steve’s birthday on December 7th. Wish him a happy birthday! I had certificates prepared for those who invited someone who came. Steve invited Patty, Patty invited Linda and Sonia invited Kevin. I called Patty and she’ll be coming Tuesday. Patty and Sonia will get their certificates Tuesday. Here’s what they look like. Pauline is inviting lots of people and Tim invited Gary. Rick will be returning this Tuesday and may bring someone. You’re all doing a fantastic job! Sonia went to the cities to be a spiritual help to others. Come to me on Tuesday and ask for your pin. It will help you be a witness for our Substitute. The Sons and Copps are starting a Baptist church in Washburn. You are welcome to come. More details here. 11/27/2018 We had another great night at our Bible-study-in-a-casino. We had one new visitor. Welcome Linda! Cheryl Son was back from vacation and led our singing. Thank you Cheryl! Steve was there! He’s the gentleman mentioned below on 11/7. I don’t know about y’all, but I had a wonderful time. God gave me great liberty when delivering the introduction. I had fun!! Sonia shared a blessing with us. By faith, her friend Diane accepted God’s Substitute and desires to serve the risen Savior. Sonia is also starting an outreach to women at the Bayfield jail! Sonia is on fire for the Lord!! Jeremiah 20:9.  That verse gave me an idea and I designed and ordered something that I will give each of you. I should have that for the meeting on the 11th. I will bring a fire extinguisher next week. When you get to class, bring me a slip of paper explaining why I brought it (see previous paragraph). When you do, there will be a special gift for you. Don’t tell anyone else about this, including your husband or wife. I want to find out who is reading the journal. The new speakers worked well. We had a discussion about living our lives so that others can see Christ in us. This is important and each of us need to be constantly evaluating our walk to be sure it matches our talk. We all have things that need improvement; watch for them. Steve reminded us of the two most important commandments, 1) Love God and 2) Love others. We can all do that and I’ll bring something next week to help you. Smoking was mentioned by a couple of you. I found two posts at that might help. Number One and Number Two. Be sure to read my emails. You never know when something unusual will be found there. There were three people sitting at the cafe tables when I left. The Lord nudged me and said, “Invite them to the study.” I did. Pray that they come! I gave them each a gospel pamphlet and a copy of my book. I’ve hired an artist to design a sign for our Bible study. I can’t wait to see the finished product. If you have ideas for a sign or banner that can be placed outside our room, let me know. We can have more than one sign. The prayer list is current. Check it often and pray for each other. Check my email for the password.

News: The Sons and Copps are starting a Baptist church plant in Washburn. You are welcome to come. More details here.

See you on Tuesday December 4th. 11/21/2018 My neighbor came!! We were excited to see two new faces this week. God bless you both for coming! We had eight adults and four children for tonight’s study. The second episode of the Tetelestai Project was thought provoking and the light bulb turned on for some. We are beginning to understand God’s plan of redemption as taught throughout His Word. There was a very good discussion about forgiveness in the Old Testament. Everyone had great comments. Thank you Patty for explaining how folks in the O.T. looked forward to the Messiah and those in the New Testament look back to Him. Our faith in God always manifests itself with trust, obedience and good behavior. How many stars are there? video. I do not subscribe to the billions of years belief!! If you are interested in knowing why I don’t, start your research here and here. Source for my If-Every-Person-Were-A-Cheeto analogy. First site and Second site. I was asked a question about Adam and Eve’s forgiveness. After thinking about it, the Lord brought something to my mind that I will share with everyone next week. It is exciting stuff!! In preparation for that discussion, read Genesis 15:6, Romans chapter 4, Galatians 3:6, and James 2:23. This page at may shed some light on the subject. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! I’m headed to Pauline and Ernie’s to share their meal. We meet Tuesday next week, November 27th. Bring a friend!! 11/19/2018 I invited my neighbor on 11/14 and he stopped this evening to say that he was going to come, but got interrupted and couldn’t. I encouraged him to come on the 21st. Invite someone to our Bible-study-in-a-casino. Our Lord loves a good paradox. Tim invited someone he met recently and the lady laughed hilariously when he told her where we met. A paradox can be amusing and this was to her. 11/14/2018 – Our second night. We had four new visitors tonight, for a total of seven and four children. I also brought tracts, books and Living Waters DVD’s to give away. All adults were Christians and we had a good evening of fellowship. The first episode of The Tetelestai Project was shown, followed by questions and testimonies. The gentleman that surprised us last week had his hours changed and could not attend, but wanted to. Please pray his hours will be changed back. Bro. Tim had to stay home because the furnace broke and a repairman was coming. We look forward to hearing the result of that encounter. Our next study will be Thanksgiving eve. Come prepared to give a testimony of thanks! 11/7/2018 — This was our first night. This was a dry run to ensure the room would meet our needs and the equipment was suitable. We were in the room about five minutes and suddenly the door opened and a fellow walked in. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t know there was anyone in here.” He explained how to make the room warmer by opening a couple of doors to allow air to flow through. He walked to the back of the room and opened those doors and walked back toward the door he came in at. I was behind him, and I noticed he was looking at the table where our Bibles were. He turned and asked what kind of meeting we were having. I said it was a Bible study. He stopped, paused and with a thoughtful look said, “This is a great thing you are doing and I’m glad to see it.” I could not believe what I was hearing. I invited him to stay and he said he would come back when his shift ended. 30 minutes later he came back. We had a marvelous time. He told us a lot about his life and testimony. He promised to come back next week and bring a friend. At the end of the study he got up to leave and wanted a hug from each of us. The four of us were absolutely stunned over what just took place. This was an obvious stamp of Heaven’s approval. We packed our things and I asked everyone to wait while I went to pay the rental bill. I went to the hotel desk and the cashier asked me what kind of meeting we were having. I explained, and she said she wanted to come. I look forward to what the Lord will do here. Stunned twice in the same night! Come join us! We’re at the Casino Event Center from 6:30 to 8:30. The days vary slightly. Here’s our calendar:

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