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Red Cliff Bible Study Journal

Published January 8, 2019

Our calendar: 2/5/2019 We had six people tonight. We watched and discussed Tetelestai episode 8. Sonia brought her friend Demi for the first time. Rick, Tim, Cheryl and Rodger were also there. 1/15 through 1/29 Although attendance has been down, we are still meeting weekly. We didn’t meet on the 29th due to weather. Rick, Tim, Cheryl and Rodger were at the meeting on the 15th. Sonia, Tim, Cheryl and Rodger attended the meeting on the 22nd. Episode 7 was watched on both evenings and this wonderful testimony was shown on the 15th. There is evidence that the Lord is […]

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Talking to Others About Christ

Published December 8, 2018

I stumbled upon this tonight and had to share it. These are great things to remember as you “Go into all the world” Read this first Then watch this video 7 Steps For Effective Evangelization Take Every Opportunity ​B​e Kind Be Bold Be Humble Be Believable Be a Friend Make Eye Contact

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