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These tracts are available for free at our Red Cliff Bible Study. If you are a resident of Bayfield or Ashland County, Wisconsin and you would like one or more mailed to you, let us know using the form at the bottom.

  1. 7 Reasons Why We Should Not Accept Millions of Years – An introduction to some of the reasons why Christians cannot accept millions of years without doing great damage to the church and her witness in the world.
  2. A New Beginning – This evangelistic booklet, specially created for adult witnessing, is designed to review the “steps” to salvation for new believers. Created for the Creation Museum CARE team for follow up with museum visitors.
  3. Are You Afraid to Die?– If you have ever felt a sense of dread when it comes to dying, you are not alone — you are a normal human being with a God-given will to live. This 24-page booklet will help you.
  4. Are You Good Enough to Go to Heaven? – This extensive presentation of the Law and gospel, takes the reader through the Ten Commandments to show them if they are good enough to go to Heaven.
  5. Big Problems with the Big Bang – This evangelistic booklet looks at the Big Bang and the Bible.
  6. Comic – Are You A Good Person? – A great presentation of the gospel in comic form that appeals to all age groups.
  7. Effective Evangelism – Ken Ham’s popular, biblical approach to evangelism is now summarized in a pocket-sized booklet.
  8. From Evolution to Creation – The personal testimony of an enthusiastic evolution-believing, college-level, biology teacher whose life and life’s work is dramatically changed when he sees biblical creation as the real truth.
  9. God & Sexuality – For most, the words “God and sexuality” go together as comfortably as “police and burglary.” But did you know that the world began with a naked couple being commanded by their Creator to have sex?
  10. God’s Simple Plan of Salvation – ‘Nuff said.
  11. Good News – An explanation of the gospel, written for children.
  12. Is God Real? – The existence of God, written for children.
  13. Is Natural Selection the Same Thing as Evolution? – Is natural selection biblical? Does bacterial resistance to antibiotics prove evolution?
  14. Is There Really a God? – Does God really exist? If so, where did He come from? These questions and more are answered!
  15. Save Yourself Some Pain – Pain can be a cruel teacher. Good advice heeded can make its bitter instruction unnecessary. A few moments of time taken in reading the pages of this little booklet could save you a lifetime of regret.
  16. Scientific Facts in the Bible – Does the Bible tell us about the earth’s free float in space and the laws of thermodynamics? Does it also speak of ocean currents and the hydrologic cycle, blood clotting and quarantine, as well as many other incredible scientific truths written thousands of years before man discovered them? If so, how did such knowledge get into the Bible?
  17. Six Days or Millions of Years? – “Every word of God proves true …” (Prov. 30:5) Explore solid, biblical reasons to believe and defend that Genesis 1 speaks of six literal, 24-hour days.
  18. Smartphone, Things You Cannot Do – This tract is printed on glossy card stock and is die-cut around the edges. It springboards off of a little humor on the front into the gospel on the back.
  19. The Atheist Test – Here are several tests which will cause any atheist to doubt their faith!
  20. The Purpose and Meaning of Life – What does the book of Genesis say about life’s meaning? Why are we here? What is my purpose? Who are the two Adams? Ken Ham answers these questions and more in this 24-page booklet.
  21. Was There Really a Noah’s Ark and Flood? – A quick and easy booklet that answers the most-asked questions about Noah’s Ark and the global Flood.
  22. What is the Bible About? – All about the Bible, written for children.
  23. Where Did Cain Get His Wife? – We don’t know her name, yet she was discussed at the Scopes Trial, mentioned in the movies Inherit the Wind and Contact, and talked about in countries all over the world for hundreds of years. Is she the most-talked-about wife in history?
  24. Where Did the “Races” Come From? – Many people today are confused about the origin of the so-called “races” of people on the earth. But the Bible and accepted scientific principles provide easy-to-understand answers. They may challenge your entire thinking on this important topic.
  25. Why are We Different? – Explains why there are many different people groups in the world, written for children.
  26. Why Christianity? – The clearest presentation of the gospel you will ever read, along with facts that isolate Christianity from other religions.
  27. Why Does God Allow Suffering? – If God is loving and all powerful and could end suffering, disease, and death, why hasn’t He? This question is approached from a unique perspective, and offers eye-opening insights to help people see God in the midst of chaos.
  28. Why Does God’s Creation Include Death & Suffering? – Why do bad things happen? Each day brings new tragedy and man’s usual response is to blame God. Is this the proper response? Is God responsible for human suffering? In this powerful booklet, Dr. Mitchell provides the answers to these questions and more.
  29. How Can I Become a Child of God? – This booklet is written especially for children and answers the eternally important question, “How Can I Become a Child of God?” From the creation account in Genesis to the new heavens and new earth promised in Revelation, the history of the universe is revealed through the plan of redemption in Jesus Christ.
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