Where Will You Be 100 Years From Now?

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A Must See Video Series – Tetelestai: God’s Eternal Story of Redemption

If You Change Your Mind About What You Believe and Believe What Christ Did For You, Your Sin Will be Forgiven.

Understanding that there is nothing good or deserving about you and believing He lived a sinless life, died and rose again for your sake, is what will cause God to forget your sin and you’ll become His child. It’s all about being humble and believing the Gospel. The Gospel is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that He did that to pay for all of mankind’s sin.

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Changing Your Mind About What You Currently Believe and Believing in What Christ Did is What Makes You Right With GodAudio MP3, Sean Harris, North Carolina.

Excellent Audio Message About the Woman at the Well — Audio MP3, Pastor Jerry Burns, Ontario.

What Does the Bible Say I Must Do To Be Saved? — If you really want the truth AND you are willing to find out if what you’ve believed may be wrong, this is for you. This is perfect for someone who has believed a false method of obtaining forgiveness. — Adobe PDF, the late Ralph Gillard, New Zealand.

​Is life everything you hoped it would be? What about after life?– An 11 minute video with answers to questions you never thought of asking.

Does it matter which church I attend?   Let me just say that this matters more.

I compiled the following series of YouTube videos that may help you. Watch all twelve, in order. It will take you 37 minutes.

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