12/1/2018 Email

Good Saturday Morning!

Tuesday night was a blessing!

Here are some things that might interest you.

  1. Our journal– The first thing I do after our study is update this page. Stay informed of where we’ve been, what we’re doing and where we’re going. If you snooze, you looze.
  2. New Item– These emails will be archived at http://circuitpreacher.org/archived-email
  3. Prayer List– password is . If you want things added, removed or changed, email me. When you have a praise, let me know and I’ll add it.
  4. Our calendar. The day changes a little from week to week, depending on room availability. Check this calendar for the current schedule.
  5. Tetelestai Project If you want a copy of this video series so you can watch at home, ask me for it.
  6. Evangelism– We should be telling others about God’s amazing gift of eternal life. The courses are very good and are free.
  7. Free Bibles– Do you know anyone, including yourself, that would like a Bible? Check this link!
  8. Tract Library– Here’s a list of all my tracts. They will be available at the book table each week. Let me know if want one mailed.
  9. Audio Messages– Personal recommendations for you.
  10. Got Questions? If you find inconsistencies between them, bring your questions to class and we will discuss it.

Blessings to each of you and see Tuesday.

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