The Rapture Has Happened!

Did the title catch your attention?

I had a dream a few nights ago. I was outside and the sky was clear. I looked up and I saw a thin line extend from horizon to horizon. The line slowly widened and suddenly I was rising, then poof!, I woke up. Argh. It was cool while it lasted. Pretty soon it won’t be a dream. If you haven’t accepted God’s Substitute for your sin, you need to do it while you can. If you have to live through the Wrath of God, a.k.a., the seven years of Great Tribulation, you will find it immensely more difficult to trust Christ then.

If you’re not ready, here’s how to be ready.

1) Read my book. There is no charge. Pay special attention to pages 36-41:

2) Take this test: and

3) If you or your family subscribe to Amazon Prime, watch this video series:

It’s also available on Vimeo:

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